Sunday, May 17, 2009

third coast fixed

from elliot will be up and ready tomorrow with admin logins for everyone involved. It's a collective of riding, tricks, bikes, food, all things Texan! I would like at least a post a week from all cities and some pictures, etc. All the posting should be open source. We are including links to Texas made bike stuff, feetbelts, bags, hats, bike shops, etc. By we I mean you all. I love you guys!

already! we have been talking about making a Texas fixed blog since last fall. we have had impromptu meetings after out of town alleycats with our friends from all over the state and i am proud to say that we are finally getting it off the ground. this collective blog is going to be the first of it's kind anywhere, and it is going to showcase us, Texas, and all of the things that happen here that do not happen anywhere else.

i know it goes without saying, but it bears repeating: Texas has the most dynamic and unified fixed gear community anywhere, and it is time that we prove that to everyone. part of why the Fast Folks/Death Pedal party was such a success yesterday is because we had so many people show up from out of town. riders from dallas, denton, houston, san marcos, college station, and austin were all representing their hometowns and our state by showing up and participating in the official opening of the first track boutique in Texas; we were all celebrating natalie's success with the shop, eric's success with his recent sponsorship (represent!), kareem's success with the Death Pedal video, and our bad-ass Central Texas community!

pictures will be up soon, but they will not be on this site.

they will be at third coast fixed dot com



kurban said...

my friend julie and i are moving from orlando to austin on the 29th. we will on 51st st. we love riding bikes, cooking and sharing vegan food and crafting. we make useful things out of mainly recycled materials; belt bags, messenger bags, cases, top tube pads, wallets, journals, etc. here's our blogs...
crafting / biznass
vegan food / potlucks

my rants / photo blogwe're both interested in sponsoring alleycats too!

look forward to riding with you. k

Jessica, a Austin Runner AND triathlete said...


yo pics up in flikr from this past weekend. pay no attention to the organization of this mess. free accounts SUCK!

jimmie i dont have a single picture of you. arhh.

Houston said...

Setting up the Domain today and just started the Myspace. Makin logos and such, if any of you have a good one email it to me at

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